Week 5

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Code Club
Otago Problem Solving 

Kapa Haka

Future Problem Solving 

Show Day - No School

Passion Project Update:
Last term Carter, Nikau and Lucas sold baking as part of their passion project. They raised a total of $408.10. The boys want to put their money towards an artificial cricket pitch so they emailed Canterbury Cricket. Here are the emails:

Dear Canterbury Cricket

We are contacting you because we really want an artificial grass cricket pitch at West Rolleston Primary School. As part of our Passion Projects this term we have been selling baking to raise money. We have raised $408.10 so far. We would like to put this money towards a cricket pitch for our new school.

We have heard that some schools have been granted cricket pitches at their school that are then used on weekend competitions. We were wondering if we could put our fundraising efforts towards this.

We looking forward to hearing back from you about how we can achieve our goal.

Yours sincerely,

Carter, Lucas and Nikau
Year ⅚ Learners from West Rolleston Primary School.

Thank you so much for forwarding the email from Carter, Lucas and Nikau. It is this kind of passion and love for the game that makes everything we do worthwhile. 
I know that Simon is going to be picking this up and looking into how we can help further however I wanted to send my congratulations to the boys and their fundraising achievements. The drive and determination is incredible and should be recognised. Consequently I am very keen to pull something together to show how grateful we are for their efforts and invite them to watch the Kings play one of their Burger King Super Smash matches at Hagley. Again, Simon and his team will be able to confirm the finer details in due course.
Once again, thank you so much for sending the email and I very much look forward to meeting the boys in the future

Jeremy Curwin

Carter's Passion Project Update:

Carter has moved on to a new project! Carter's Tiny House. He is going to be selling brownies to raise money for his project. If you have any donations or can help in anyway his contact details are on his business card. Well done Carter! 


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