Te wiki o te reo Maori

We have been having lots of fun every afternoon this week taking part in Te wiki o te reo Maori. We have been participating in poi, weaving, hand games, maori yoga, myths and legends and many more. 

Amelia, Jahna, Gus and Mase have shared their mihi in front of the WHOLE school! Ka Rawe!! 

We have been very impressed with all of our learners who have demonstrated tukana-teina! We have been especially impressed with Izzy, Shannon and Nikau who have stepped up to help the teachers this week. I (Miss Hamilton) have been super, super impressed with Gus and Carter who have stepped up to lead Maori hand games when I have been away and also to assist me when I was there. Gus even taught all learners about the history behind maori hand games. 

You have all made us very proud! 


  1. Reuben

    great weaving everyone so amazing to see people getting stuck in to it.

  2. Love all the photos, thanks for sharing

  3. Great photos

  4. looks interesting and fun Jahna came home and taught me lots


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